is our approach for the next generation of cycling apparel - regarding performance technology, aesthetics, and responsible practices (minus the greenwashing).

We are a team of passionate cyclists & specialists in the fields of apparel technology, manufacturing & endurance sports. Making the best product is our focus - that's it. We designed it to enhance your experience: the better the product, the less you notice it. The more you can focus on being in the present of the ride. A pure connection between technology, human, and nature.

In our B2B deep tech arm,, we are researching and developing responsible next-generation textile technologies for the global sports apparel industry in cooperation with Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest research organization. We have been designing and building boutique handbuilt bikes since 2011. Stay tuned for news on our offering.

Join our family. Ride with us & see you out there!


Photos: Fabian Frinzel