Among our friends & expert advisors is Björn Kafka.

Björn is a researcher, performance expert and renowned coach for a variety of highly successful cyclists, including World Champions, European Champions, pro teams and Olympic athletes.

With his company AEROTUNE ( ) he provides proprietary analytics software, advanced metabolic diagnostics and performance data algorithms to several leading WorldTour teams (yap, they used it in this year’s Tour de France).

Björn has been a valued advisor to from the early days; and stay tuned for collaborative products that we are developing.

For your own training and performance, the great thing about AEROTUNE is that you can use it for real-time field measurements at your fingerstips on their platform ( ) to enhance your training and aerodynamics.

If that sounds cool, go, check it out!


The key offerings of the tool are:

Powertest: Unveiling Comprehensive Athletic Potential

Aerotune's Powertest goes beyond conventional threshold measurements, unveiling the composition of an athlete's performance through parameters like VO2max and VLamax. These insights define an athlete's capabilities and potential. The Powertest not only reveals thresholds and energy consumption but also offers guidance on optimal training strategies and volume. This tool is a leading force in assessing athletic potential in both running and cycling.

Aerotest: Fine-Tuning Aerodynamics for Peak Performance

One of their flagship offerings is the Aerotest, a sophisticated outdoor test that combines GPS trackers and power meters to measure and optimize CdA (Coefficient of Drag) and Crr (Rolling Resistance) values. Aerotune's apps facilitate automated testing and guidance, providing athletes with crucial data to refine their aerodynamic performance effectively.

Simulation Tools: Visualizing Performance Influences

Aerotune's Simulation Tools provide athletes a comprehensive view of how various factors impact performance on defined courses or races. The simulations show the effects of altering power output, CdA, or weight on final race times. Users can select from a library of courses or upload their GPX files. The biometric view allows for simulations based on stored energy levels and carbohydrate intake capacity.

Online Platform: Data Visualization and Analysis Simplified

A central component of Aerotune's offerings is their online platform, providing a comprehensive solution for athletes to visualize, analyze, and share data generated by their services. This platform serves as a hub for athletes to monitor their progress, make informed decisions, and collaborate effectively with coaches and teams. A pivotal resource for endurance athletes seeking data-driven insights to maximize their performance potential.